Increase website traffic with SEO-optimized calculators

Unlike other calculator companies, we built ours from the ground up to improve your SEO performance.

SEO-friendly JavaScript

Unlike most calculator companies, we don’t believe in iFrames. We use SEO-friendly JavaScript that’s easy to embed on any web page. It won’t require special new pages or subdomains, our calculators will fit seamlessly on your website — wherever you want them. 

  • Easy to embed SEO friendly JavaScript
  • No subdomains or extra pages
  • Compatible with any CMS

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Mobile-first design • Fully customizable • No coding required

Tailored copy to target SEO keywords

Over 2 million people are searching for calculators every single day. Those are potential customers you could be reaching. But with most calculator companies you’re forced to use duplicate content — so how can you stand out? Well, our Calculator Management Platform allows you to customize all of the copy you’re using. 

  • Customize your headline and sub-headers
  • Full flexibility to change tooltips, definitions and field labels. 

Lighting fast load times

We take performance seriously. Our calculators have been rigorously tested to make sure they won’t slow down your pages. 

  • 98th percentile in Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Lightweight JavaScript that won’t slow your pages down