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Common Calculator FAQs

How can I embed a calculator onto my website?

Each calculator on your account has its own unique embed code. It’s a one line javascript snippet, and when you paste that into the code on your website, the calculator will appear. This page has the full details on how to embed. 

Can I change my calculator settings after it's embedded on my site?

Yes! It’s very easy to update calculator settings, and any changes you make to your calculators will automatically be applied, even if the calculator has already been added to your site. 

Do you have more information on the security of the embedded code?

Yes, this page has the full details on security

Are the calculators fully custom?

You can customize the branding, colors and copy of any calculator in our library. What can’t be changed is the template/layout, as well as the functions of the calculator. If you’re looking for a fully custom solution, go check out Signal Intent Labs

Are the calculators ADA compliant?

Yes, you can see the full details on accessibility and compliance here.

Are the calculators SEO optimized?

Yes! Our calculators use an SEO-Friendly JavaScript snippet (unlike most providers who use an iFrame). We also allow you to customize all of the copy so you can target specific SEO keywords and standout from the crowd. 

Interactive calculators that are loaded with features

Mobile first design

Mobile-first design that works across all devices.

SEO optimized

Drive more traffic with custom SEO keywords and Google-approved JavaScript.

Real-time analytics

Capture valuable data and insights about your customers

ADA compliant

Our products meet WCAG 2.1 Level AA and Section 508.

AWS secure

Rest assured we use the most secure technology in the industry. 

Customer support

Reach out when you need help with access to 24/7 customer support.

Lighting fast page speed

Score in the 98th percentile in page speed. 

Custom default values

Easily update calculator values and match your current interest rate offers.

Floating calculator widget

Meet your customers where they are with our floating calculator widget.