Roundup: Stats and Quotes

We’ll keep this one simple, here are just a few quotes and statistics to help with your business case…

  • 2 million people are searching for financial calculators everyday in the US (SEO data)
  • According to one study by Outgrow, conversion rates from interactive content are nearly 30% higher than your typical landing pages.
  • 83% of consumers say they are willing to share their information to create a more personalized experience, as per Accenture.
  • In a study by DemandGen, it was revealed that interactive content gains 2x more engagement than written articles.  
  • 66% of marketers say engagement levels increased after introducing interactive content to their marketing plans.
  • In The Financial Brand’s Digital Banking Report, a survey conducted among financial institutions worldwide found that 88% of respondents said 
  • Another eye-opening stat from Kapost found that interactive content generates conversions “moderately” or “very well” 70% of the time, compared to just 36% for passive content.
  • “Most institutions outsource their financial calculators in order to benefit from some of the key features that users expect – a modern user experience, mobile responsive, ADA conformance, search engine friendly and use of the latest technology.” Michelle Brown, ZAG Interactive
  • “There’s a reason why agencies often recommend third parties when they offer a product that can speed time to market and meet consumer expectations” Michelle Brown, ZAG Interactive
  • “Why try to reinvent the wheel when there’s already a capability in the marketplace to immediately begin creating value?” James Robert Lay, Founder and CEO of Digital Growth Institute

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