Manage, customize and measure your calculators

Our management platform easily allows you to manage, customize and measure performance all in one place. 


How it works

Step 1: Choose from our library of pre-built calculator templates

We offer calculators in a variety of categories, including banking, personal finance, investing, retirement, savings and insurance.  

Step 2: Customize them to match your brand look and feel

You can easily customize your brand colors, copy and even set your interest rates all in our Calculator Management Platform.

Step 3: Copy and paste the embed code to your website

Once you’ve finished customizing your calculators in our platform, simply copy and paste the embed code on the page where you want it to appear. 

Step 4: Start to measure and optimize your calculators

Unlike other solutions, our Calculator Management Platform lets you easily measure performance and click throughs all in one place. 


Easily manage, measure & deploy

  • Customize colors, fonts & logo
  • Get insights about calculator performance
  • Deploy with only two lines of embed code
  • Program target call to action buttons


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