Publishing calculators to your website using our embed code

The embed code is built for performance and flexibility

Q: If I need to make changes to the calculator design or values, will the embed code change?

A: No, once you’ve added the embed code to your site, any changes to the calculators done via the platform will automatically show up. The code won’t change, and you can do all the customization you need in real time.

Q: How do I add the embed code?

A: Add a single <div> in the body of your webpage, and a single <script> tag in the header, body, or footer of the same page. Our technical services team is ready to field any questions that you or your tech or security teams might have.

Q: Can I see an example of the embed code?

A: Yes, here is an example of the code you will be using:

<div id='sgi' data-guid='04469aec-f5b1-4d16-8979-11877cbc8bd6'></div> 
<script src=''></script> 
Q: Is this embed code going to cause a conflict with other scripts, code, or elements on the page?

No. All of the code is written to be completely modular and self contained. It shouldn’t interact with any of the existing code, or any of the elements on your page.

 Q: Are there site speed concerns?

Initial page load should not be impacted by placing the script on the page. However, if your team has multiple scripts in the header, the script can be placed in the
footer with little to no impact on load time