Improve conversion rates by over 15%

Our calculators are conversion driving machines. They come equipped with targeted call-to-actions so you can test, optimize and measure your growth. 

Customizable call-to-action buttons

With easy customization, you’re able to test, optimize and measure your growth. CTA buttons are contextually placed within the calculator and directly drive prospects to their next step in the funnel.

  • Easily update and test colors, copy and placement
  • Drive users straight into your application or lead funnels

Convert 15% more of your website visitors into customers

Custom calls-to-action • Analytics integrations • A/B copy testing

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Test and measure what copy converts

Gain valuable insight into what copy actually converts. With our targeted button copy, you can update, test and iterate the CTAs you’re using, to quickly gain insight into what actually drives users down the funnel. 

  • “Apply now”, “Get started”, “Learn more”? See what converts your customer
  • Full flexibility to change tooltips, definitions and field labels 

Actionable data to measure your program's ROI

We’re officially in the era of performance marketing. It’s no longer acceptable to have calculators just sit there, taking up valuable real estate, with little-to-no measurable ROI. With Signal Intent’s built in analytics, you’ll have all of the data you need at your fingertips. 

  • Track clicks from calculators into your downstream funnels
  • Measure click-through rates to see what copy drives results
  • Integrate with your primary analytics to track results in one place