Be there with answers for every step of the customer journey.

The top banks partner with Signal Intent to launch financial tools that unify the customer experience. Our calculator drive more traffic, grow deposits and increase loan applications. 

Key benefits for banks

Improve the customer journey

Increase applications & deposits

Promote financial education

Be there at every step of the financial journey

Your customers have questions, now you can provide personalized, interactive answers at scale. Helping your customers make smarter and faster financial decisions. 

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Increase applications & deposits

Convert qualified leads by seamlessly integrating calculators into your application workflows.

Educate your customers

Personal finance can be hard. Promote better financial decisions making and build ever lasting customer relationships. 

Dime Community Bank: Modern Solutions for a Modern Bank

Dime wanted to find a calculator solution that offered a clean look and feel to enhance its on-site customer experience. 

“The first thing that stood out to us when we were exploring new calculators is how modern the design of each calculator was. I researched a lot of calculators on competitor websites, and these were the first to really impress us.”  

Joe Raitano, Vice President, Digital Marketing Officer